Vickers Valiant Stamp collection first day postmark


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Vickers Valiant Stamp collection first day postmark

British Royal Air force  – Aviation Special Cover

Two stamps were affixed to specially designed envelopes and postmarked on the first day that the cover were issued. Special stamp cancellation dated 24th May 1974.

No. 543 SQUADRON “Valiant and Vigilant”

The Squadron was formed at Benson on 19th October 1942 as a photographic reconnaissance unit. The Squadron’s principal task was bomb damage assessment. A detachment was stationed at St. Eval for reconnaissance flights over France while the remainder of the squadron was engaged in operational training at Mount Farm, a satellite of Benson. In 1943, 3 aircraft went to Russia in support of the attacks on the German ships, Tirpitz, Lutzow and Scharnhorst. The Squadron disbanded on 1st November 1943.

On 1st July 1955, No. 543 reformed at Gaydon for photographic and radar reconnaissance duties. In November 1956 the squadron moved to Wyton. The Squadron became engaged on major photographic surveys which covered the Aden Protectorate, Rhodesia, Bechuanaland and the Solomon and Santa Cruz Islands. In recent years the Squadron has been involved with many tasks around the world including detachments to the United States, South America and the Pacific. Photographic surveys have been made of Denmark, Norway, the Seychelles and the Amerante Islands.

The importance of maritime radar reconnaissance has steadily increased and this was the Squadron’s primary role when it disbanded on 24th May 1974.


1942-1943 Supermarine Spitfire 4, 5, 9, PR 11; 1943 D.H. Mosquito 4; 1955-1965 Vickers Valiant

B(PR) 1; 1965-1974 Handley-Page Victor Bl SR 2.

Its good item for the Aviation, Airforce, GB – British stamp collectors.

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