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THE SCENT OF LOVE – Sweden flowers postage stamps.

Love and flowers are closely associated with each other. Throughout [he ages and in all cultures, flowers have been used to describe both chaste and sensual love. The budding or white flower symbolises innocent, timid love, while the richly coloured full bloom can represent sensual, voluptuous love. Taking a closer look at the parts of a flower, such as the petal, sepal, stamen, pollen and pistil, it becomes clear that the purpose of the flower is sexual propagation.

In the same way as us humans are attracted to one another by scent, colour and appearance, flowers attract pollinating insects to assure reproduction. Many love poets have therefore used flowers to describe allegorically the sexual act between man and woman. The Greek Christian tradition and Persian and Buddhist lyric love poems all use flowers extensively in this way. Rossi Rosster’s pictures link to this tradition, and her exquisitely bold pictures create loving associations.

Staff an Lundstedt Bergius Botanical Garden

The stamp originals were photographed by Rossi Rosster, graphic design is by Gustav Malmfors. The stamps were printed by offset at Sweden Post Stamps. The First Day Cover shows a bleeding heart and the cancellation a water lily bud. Photo: Rossi Rosster. Graphic design: OlofBaldursdottir.