Postage stamps on Chinese early navigators - Voyages to the West Seas

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B-F.D.C. 2005-13 The 600th Anniversary of Zhenghe’s Voyages to the West Seas

These stamps were affixed to specially designed FDC envelopes and postmarked on the first day that the stamps were issued. The First Day Cover bearing a postmark of Sailing Boats.

Zhenghe (1371-I433). China’s great navigator of the early period of the Ming Dynasty, set seven voyagesto the west seas according to the emperor’s orders from the third year of the reign of Emperor Yongle to the eighth year ‘of the reign of Emperor Xuande (1405-1433). With many large vessels and more than 20000 staffs, Zhenghe traveled throughout the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean and visited over 30 countries and regions both in Asia and Africa, which opened up the traffic roule on the Asian and African seas, promoted economic and cultural interchange and created the brilliant record in human adventures in conquering the seas.

The State Postal Bureau decided to issue a set of three commemorative stamps and a souvenir sheet ot 2005- 13 “The 600th Anniversary of Zhenghe’s Voyages to the West Seas” on June 28. 2005. The stamps, measuring 30 X 50mm. are printed offset and engraving.

(3-11 J Portrait of Zhenghe 80 fen

(3-3) J Scientific Voyage 80 fen

(3-21 J Good Relations of Neighborhood 811 fen