No. 202 SQUADRON "Always Watchful"


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No. 202 SQUADRON "Always Watchful"

 “British Royal Airforce Cover – Thematic Stamp Collection” – No. 202 SQUADRON

The stamp was affixed to specially designed envelopes and postmarked on the first day that the RAF special cover was issued.

The cover bearing a postmark of the Operation Torch.

Western Front 1916-1918, Atlantic 1939-1945, Mediterranean 1940-1943, North Africa 1942-1943, Biscay 1942-1944.

The Squadron was Formed at Eastchurch on 17th October 1914 and became No. 2 Wing Royal Naval Air Service but was renumbered No. 202 Squadron on 1st April 1918. The Squadron served in France and Belgium carrying out artillery spotting, reconnaissance and photographic duties. It returned to England in March 1919 and was disbanded at Driffield on 22nd January 1920. It reformed at Alexandria, Egypt, on 9th April 1920 but was again disbanded on 16th May 1921.

No. 481 (Coastal Reconnaissance) Flight was redesignated No. 202 Squadron on 1st June 1929. At the outbreak of World War II the Squadron was based in Malta, its main duties being general reconnaissance and anti-U-boat patrols. In 1940 it moved to Gibraltar extending its operations from short-range patrols across the Straits to convoy escorts and long-range flights in the Mediterranean, over the sea lanes off Portugal and into the Atlantic. After October 1944 anti-U-Boat patrols and convoy escorts were flown over the approaches west of the United Kingdom from Castle Archdale. Two U-Boats were sunk and the Squadron shared in the sinking of a further three.

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