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The seas around Cape Horn are considered by many sailors lo be the most turbulent in the world and have been the cause of many vessels to seek refuge in the Falkland Islands for either repair, or to be abandoned as a wreck on the shore line.

Unfortunately the waters around the Falklands also have many hidden dangers both above and below the surface from charted and uncharted rocks. These too have claimed a number of ships and lives over the centuries, including vessels looking for a safe haven in a storm.

The approach to Stanley harbour also has its hazards and in 1854 work started at Cape Pembroke to construct a lighthouse of timber and iron in order to guide vessels into port. In 1855 a lighthouse keeper was appointed, under the direction of Trinity House, and the light officially came into operation in December 1855. ‘Hie light source was provided by eighteen oil lamps and the lamp light was visible over a distance of approximately 14 miles. During 1906/7 Cape Pembroke lighthouse was rebuilt and its new rellective light system produced a beam equivalent to 105,000 candles. The new structure operated very satisfactorily until it was damaged in the 1982 Falklands Conflict when it was rendered no longer operable. A conventional new mechanical light has since been constructed nearby.

To assist navigation around the south of the Falklands an unwatched light was erected at Bull Point, the extreme southernmost point of East Falkland, which became operational in September 1932. This structure was 11 feet high and its beam was visible for a distance of 5-7 miles.

hi view of the usefulness of these lights to mariners an unwatched light was also erected at Cape Meredith in 1936 and came into operation in February of that year. Cape Meredith is on the southernmost tip of West t’alkland. Its height above high water was 202 feet and provided a visible light of up lo 10 miles.

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