Eskader 40th Anniversary - Aviation Stamp collection

Eskader 40th Anniversary Stamp cover

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Eskader 40th Anniversary - Aviation Stamp collection

41 SQUADRON 1940-1980

The stamp was affixed to specially designed envelopes and postmarked on the first day that the cover was issued.

Eskader 40th Anniversary – Aviation Stamp Cover

1. 41 Squadron was formed on 16 October 1940 at Water-kloof Air Station and was equipped with Hawker Hartbees general purpose biplanes. The Squadron moved to East Africa in October/November and commenced operations during the following month. Reconnaissance, bombing, tactical, photographic and search missions were carried out extensively during the campaign. Flights were detached to bases throughout East Africa. Late in 1941, Curtiss Mohawk IVs were also used by the Squadron.

2 During June 1942, the Squadron operated Hawker Hurricanes under 207 Group and by September was also operating a few Blenheims.

3. In April 1943,41 Squadron, now equipped with Hurricanes only, moved to Egypt and by June was operating as part of No 246 Wing and conducting patrols and offensive sweeps over shipping using Hurricane IIB’s and later IIC’s. 4. The Squadron was re-equipped with Supermarine Spitfire Vs and IX’s during February 1944 and operated from various bases in North Africa and Palestine till 30 October 1944 when 41 Squadron was finally disbanded.

5. The Squadron reformed again under Army Command in January 1963, at Grand Central Aerodrome, flying Cessna 185 Skywagons in the Army Air Reconnaissance role. It became an Air Force Unit during October 1968 and moved to AFB Swartkop in May 1973. In February 1974, it acquired Aeritalia-Macchi AM3CM Bosbok aircraft and in July 1976, Atlas C4M Kudu aircraft to supplement the Cessna 185’s.

6. Colours were presented to the Squadron by the State President, Dr N.J. Diederichs on 15 October 1976 and the following battle honours are emblazoned on the colours:

East Africa 1940-41

The Juba

Addis Ababa

The Lakes

Mediterranean 1942-45

7. The original badge, a Pelican with the motto “Wapi Wewe” was later superseded by a Zulu warrior holding a shield. The present badge and motto “Detegirnus Hostes” (We expose the enernyl was introduced on 6 October 1971

8. The Squadron now operates from Lansena Airport and flies the C4M Kudu aircraft only.

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