Thailand and African Commemorative Elephant Thailand Stamps

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Thailand and African Commemorative Elephant Thailand Stamps

Elephant Thailand Stamps

10 Years of Diplomatic Reations’. Soulh Africa – Thailand Commemorative Postage Stamps

To commemorate the anniversary of a decade of Thai – South Africa diplomatic relationship as well as lo promote international philatelic activities.

Designs : Elephant – the biggest land mammal animal, Elephants have a long trunk which is used for breathing as well as for feeding foods into their mouths, A pair of their front teeth turn to be ivory when growing up.

Date of Issue ; 9 December 2003

3.00 Baht (Design 1) :

Thai elephants. Having dark brown or gray skin, the grown-up male elephants have a pair of ivory, while the female counterparts have none.

3.00 Baht (Design 2) :

African elephants. Having smaller head than Thai elephants, both grown-up male and female African elephants have a pair of ivory.

Designer : Mr. Sawas Poonsawal (Thailand Post Company Limited)
Printer : Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand

Thailand Post card – Pre-stamped – Embossed Elephant

Thailand Elephant Miniature sheet.

Thailand is famous for its gorgeous wild elephants and In Thailand every nook and corner we can see the elephants.

Thailand Post issued quality of Postage stamps on the theme elephants, these stamps are most preferred by the elephant thematic stamp collectors also the wild life stamp collectors.


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