Commemoration of the 21st Olympic Games Montreal - Republic of Korea Stamps

21st Olympic Games Montreal

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Commemoration of the 21st Olympic Games Montreal - Republic of Korea Stamps

21st Olympic Games Montreal, Canada –¬†Republic of Korea Stamps

Commemorative Postage Stamps in Commemoration of the 21st Olympic Games

These two Volleyball and Boxing stamps were affixed to specially designed envelopes and postmarked on the first day that the stamps were issued.

The Pictorial postmark depicts the National flags of Canada and Republic of Korea and also the Olympic symbol flag. The Cover Illustrates the Volley Ball Game.

No. 1 025

The 21st Olympic Games opens on July 17,1976 through August 1, 1976 in Montreal, Canada.

More than 14,000 athletes and officials from 136 member countries of 10C will take part in the 16-day sport festival and will compete in a grand manifestation of their sportsmanship, strength, beauty and athletic ability for their individual and national glory.

The 21 slated events include track and field, rowing, basketball, boxing, canoeing, cycling, equestrian, fencing, soccer, gymnastics, weight lifting, handball, volleyball, hockey judo, wrestling, swimming and diving, shooting, archery, yachting and pentathlon.

Representing the Republic of Korea, are 61 athletes who, accompanied by 25 sport officials, will participate in six events ; boxing, wrestling, judo, volleyball, basketball and shooting. They will demonstrate their athletic ability and skills as well as present the new prestige of our country to the whole world.

In the hope that this Olympics will promote sound ideals and high physical standards of youth in the interest of world peace, and that our athletes will achieve good results to enhence our national prestige by demonstrating their indomitable spirit and genuine sportsmanship, the Ministry of Communications is issuing these commemorative postage stamps.

Techenical Details of Postage Stamp:

Date of issue : July 17, 1976

Face value 20 won Design Volleyball | 20 won Boxing

Color : Four colors

Printing process :Photogravure

Size of impression : 23x33nun

Perforation- :13

Paper : White Unwmkd.

Sheet composition 4 x 5 :

Designer: Chung, Hee Jin

Printed at : Government Printing & Mint Agency of the Republic of Korea


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